Sunday, May 4, 2014

This Weeks Nail Mail and Mini Hauls

I have had quite the busy week and haven't been able to update all my nail mail- so I have a big post today!! First up is a swap I did for an extra leather notebook from the may popsugar box- I love it so I had to have a spare! The girl also threw in some great extras- and the packaging- love it!!

Next up is my latest llarowe order- unfortunately most everything was full price except the Esmaltes de Kelly in Kadam. I got Colors by Llarowe P51, P38, Rezipped, and Ted's Laugh. This was a stressful restock and I was very lucky to get those CbLs! They are so much more beautiful in person too! is a site I have been enrolled with for a long time but I never got anything from- they are kind of like pinch me, but pinch me has samples weekly. Recently it was advertised that you could get 5 samples- so I made sure to grab them- this was all free- breathe right strips, two different kinds of tums, garnier fructis samples, and a new toothbrush. Not bad! If you would like to sign up for sample source follow this link:
If you would like to sign up for pinchme (another free sample site) follow this link:

Finally I have this weekends shopping hauls from Ulta and Sally's.

Ulta was having a good sale on batiste dry shampoo- my go to brand- buy 1 get 1 50% off. The Zoyas were buy 2 get the Monet top coat (left) free! Of course I used the trusty $3.50 off $10 coupon and got these for a total of $28.16. I saved $16.50 on this purchase. This sale is going on through May 11th, and they have a lot of great deals- don't forget to use the coupon!

I had to renew my Sally's beauty club card this month so made sure to make it down there this weekend. For those that don't know Sally's offers a loyalty program- the card costs $5 a year and you save on every purchase- a percentage of the item price- and can be up to a few bucks an item! If this doesn't sell you- when you sign up they automatically give you a $5 off $5 coupon (making the card free!!) and when you renew the give you a free item valued at $7.99 or less from a specific brand. This year it was Ion or Silk Elements. I scored my Ion hair color for free. As always Sally's had some great sales- I got the Ion hairbrushes buy 1 get 1 free! And, of course, used the May birthday coupon! I paid a total of $17.36 for all of this (which included the $5 for my card renewal. I saved $23.78 during this Sally's trip! Here is may's coupon:

 Pretty great mail week! This didn't include a couple gifts I bought for a polish gift exchange. Hopefully next week will be even better- I'm waiting on a modcloth order, llarowe order, hare polish order, emily de molly order, and some store envy orders....yikes! ;) At the end of this 30 days from when I started posting my shopping hauls I am going to add up what I spent and try and make a beauty budget! It should be interesting...

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  1. I renewed last month and got the Ion detangler... LOVE LOVE LOVE it!