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April's Birchbox and Ipsy

April 2014 Birchbox and Ipsy

This was a great month for both bb and ipsy- overall I was happy with everything- which is definitely out of the norm! Ipsy and Birchbox are the only two subs I get regularly. I have been with Ipsy for albout a year and a half, Birchbox 1 16 months and Birchbox 2 13 months.  Ipsy and Birchbox are both $10 a month. I get one Ipsy and two Birchboxes. One of my birchbox subs is yearly which (of course) I got a great deal on, so for the 3 boxes only $20 comes out of my account monthly. Over-all I prefer birchbox because of the brands they offer and their incredible point system! So here is what I got this month:

In this month's Ipsy I received Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil in Black Velvet nearly full size, and valued at $15.00. I am a huge UD fan and already have many of the 24/7 liners- but this is my first  from the velvet line. I will definitely use this product!

Next I received Mary Kay @ Play Jelly Lip Gloss in Berry Me. Full size and valued at $12.00. I do not use lip glosses and I do not use Mary Kay products. This item is a bust for me so it will go on the swap board! This is a perfect example of the odd brand choices ipsy makes. As time goes on they are getting more high-end brands, but they do throw in brands like this or random cheap brands like this or wet n' wild. 

I was very happy to be getting Demeter roll on perfume in Jasmine- the perfect spring scent! This retails for $10. Demeter has the most unique scents, I have tried wet grass and paperback book. They even have dust and pizza if you can even believe it. Demeter perfumes can be found here, it is a fun site to browse to see all the kooky scents they offer! 

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion scrub is a sample I have received a few times from birchbox. I love it! It retails for $78, making this sample worth $9.75. The hefty price tag keeps me from purchasing a full size but it really is a great product. The scent is a little off for me though, kind of smells like peeps! 

My last item was the Elizabeth Mott Pop Goes the Shadow in champagne. This item is full size and retails for $12.99. This item and brand are not for me. This will definitely go on the swap board.

My April Ipsy bag is valued at $60.75- not too bad for 10 bucks!
Deducting the items I will not use (the shadow and the lip gloss) the value is still at $35.75. Over-all I am very happy with this months ipsy. 

Birchbox 1
 My first birchbox was a little bit of a let down, but Most of the items will get used. I received Color Club Art Duo Pen, Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner, Madison Reed Shampoo, Madison Reed Conditioner, and my lifestyle extra was Kind Healthy Grains Bar.

I love nail art and love receiving any kind of tools. I will definitely use this black Color Club nail art pen. It is valued at $8.33.

The Cynthia Rowley eyeliner is a miss for me, mostly because of the color but also a little a bit because of the brand. It may be silly of me but I tend to stay away from branded names that cross-over. Rowley has great clothes but I am hesitant to try her make-up. This is nearly full size and is valued at $12. Off to the swap pile for this one!

I have never heard of Madison Reed, but Birchbox usually does not disappoint. Though I will not use these items (I have a very anal and specific hair care routine lol) my boyfriend will and I am happy to divert him from his Axe shampoo (a constant struggle!!) 

The Kind Healthy Grains bar is valued at $1. It is maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt. Delicious! I love kind products and was happy to see this in both of my birchboxes. I love the lifestyle extras- and you still get to review them for your 10 points!!

My first birchbox is valued at $26.31- higher than the average bb value. Deducting the cynthia rowley eyeliner I will be trading the value is $14.31.

Birchbox 2
My second birchbox had Color Club polish mini, Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner, Gilchrist & Soames Body Wash, Sumita Eyeliner, and another tasty Kind Bar!

I was hoping to get the blue color club I had been seeing but this one in Gold Struck is cute. I am not loving the new color club logo, has anyone else seen this? This mini is valued at $3.50. I have two many similar colors and will end up in the swap pile.

The dreaded foil pack! BB is infamous for their foil packs, and it is a bummer but hey- its still worth 5 points! The shampoo is valued at $1.11 and the  conditioner is valued at $1.53. I don't mind foil packs so much except when its a product I've been dying to try- like these Davines products. I have heard great things about Davines and although I don't want to divert from my normal hair cleansing product I would like to try a leave in cream. I will give these a go to gauge the quality of the brand.

Gilchrist & Soames is a new brand for me but this little body wash will go great in my gym bag. It smells great and is valued at $2.50.

Another eyeliner for me- that makes 3- one in each box this month. Between bb and ipsy I have enough eyeliners to last me a lifetime! This sumita color contrast eyeliner is in the shade deep plum and is valued at $7. This will definitely get used.

This bb is valued at $16.64. Deducting the color club mini to be swapped the value is $13.14

Ipsy definitely beats Birchbox in the value sector- but Birchboxes point system evens things out. If you would like to sign up for ipsy or birchbox please consider using my referral links:

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