Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cute & Sleazy

Today's mail was a long awaited Etsy order from Sara M. Lyons on Etsy. Cute & Sleazy and Sweet & Creepy water slide nail decals! 
I am a sucker for cute packaging!

I have been coveting these for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge a couple weeks ago. They have a heft price tag at $8 a sheet- but they are super unique, cute, and hand made! I paid $18 shipped for the two sheets- both have 60 unique images. The Cute & Sleazy sheet includes a taco, bra, naked lady, crystal ball, and a great range guessed it...cute and sleazy images! The Sweet & Creepy sheet has a a unicorn head, trash can, ufo, 40 oz, and so much more. She has a very cool aesthetic and her business card calls herself a professional weirdo. I will definitely purchase from this shop again. 

Sweet & Creepy
Cute & Sleazy

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