Friday, April 18, 2014

Nail Mail

The highlight of my day is hearing my mail truck rumble up my street and to my mailbox. Being the creeper I am I peek through the curtains to watch him bring me that day's nail mail! Here is what I got today:

L to R: Colors by Llarowe Gizmo, Glam Polish Margaritaville, Knockout Lacquer Armbar mini

First up was a surprise polish. My favorite polish facebook group had an incredible giveaway for April Fools Day- Nicolas Cage memes! I had so much fun finding the most ridiculous memes of this ridiculous man! I was one of the winners and got Colors by Llarowe Gizmo in the mail today. I have been wanting this CbL for ages and can't believe it is finally mine!!

I got the Glam Polish, another long time lemming, from a store envy destash. It cost me $9 shipped. Apparently the owner of the storeenvy has her own polish line, Knockout Lacquer and she threw in a mini for free! That was very sweet, and good business! The polish is cute, pink with a blue sheen. It'll make for a good summer pedicure. I love shopping on storeenvy- it is so easy and they have so much! You can search store envy for particular polishes and items or go straight to a favorite store- I use store envy for my destash too- it is great for a seller- super easy and takes all the work out of it! You can check out my destash here: use code bntb for 10% off!