Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nail Mail and My First Ever Smokey Mountain Lacquer!

Today's nail mail and my first ever Smokey Mountain Lacquer!

Dollish Polish Tea in the Garden & Picture Polish Totes 
My first package today was my Llarowe order. I picked up the Llarowe exclusive Dollish Polish Tea in the Garden. It is the perfect easter polish! This polish was on sale for $9. I also snatched up Picture Polish totes for $12.50.  It is much more creamy in person- I don't have a color like this in my collection, I'm very excited about it. I used my reward points on this order so I only ended up spending $10.86 shipped! 

Next up is my first ever Smokey Mountain Lacquer order. Can we just talk about the packaging!? SO adorable! I always appreciate a well put together package, its so nice when a maker puts this kind of love into packaging!

Here is the polish I got- a pure silver topper! I have a 24k gold topper from opi but had never seen a silver one! This polish retails for 9.95, and cost me $12.94 shipped. SML also has a gold gliter topper for $12.95- a steal compared to what OPI charges for theirs! Check out Smokey Mountain Lacquer's etsy shop here- I am already planning my next purchase! ;)

This polish does require a lot of fishing, I swatched it immediately and had some issues getting the flakes out. Kim recommends pouring a little of the topper into a small container and use the brush to apply. I didn't read that part until after I tried swatching so I'm definitely going to try that next time, or the make-up sponge trick might work with this. If you have never tried the make-up sponge trick before check out the Lacquerologist's tutorial hereit works wonders on hard to get glitters :) 
My swatch- about 4 coats with glitter fishing

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